The Best Value Rowing Machines

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The rowing machine trains every muscle group in your body while also providing a productive cardiovascular workout. Both your upper and lower body exert effort on the rower, which helps to maximize your workout time. The best value rowers made for home use will provide a high-quality piece of equipment for a reasonable price.

Best Features

Available in a wide variety of price ranges, the best value rowing machine will contain your top requirements and come in at a cost that is amenable to you. However, there are some basic features that you should make sure your rower contains, such as a durable construction and frame; the machine should feel solid and not shake while rowing. Look for a rower with a flywheel design, which provides a smooth feel when the machine is in use. Evaluate the resistance system, as well. A magnetic resistance system with an electronic or air resistance tension control allows you to easily set the rower to your desired resistance level, whereas a manual system will likely be more cumbersome. To maximize comfort, the seat on your rower should be firm yet not too hard. Test the noise level on your preferred rower; minimal noise allows you to workout without disturbing others.

Aspects to Consider

You may be giving up some features for value, such as pre-programmed workouts, a wide range of resistance levels, heart rate monitors or extras, such as a backrest for the seat. If your home gym is limited in space, consider purchasing a foldable rower, which usually offer comparable features at mid-range price level.