How to Calculate Distance on Gold's Gym 595 Elliptical Machine

monitor of a Exercise Machine  with values

The Gold's Gym Stride Trainer 595 Elliptical is a low-impact alternative to hitting the pavement, doing laps at the local track or running on the treadmill. The machine allows you to gently glide as you perform revolutions without putting impact on your joints. But an indoor workout may leave you longing to know the distance you've covered. Fortunately, this elliptical tracks your distance in revolutions and in the equivalent running distance.

Using the Console

The elliptical measures your strides and displays your distance on the console. To turn on the console, just press any button or start pedaling. You can change the resistance level by pressing the increase and decrease buttons labeled "resistance" on the console. To select a preset workout, use the arrow keys labeled "workouts." The console will automatically begin tracking your distance "traveled" as you pedal.


The Stride Trainer 595 displays the number of revolutions that you have performed; that is the number of strides that you've taken with the elliptical. This is displayed on the console's right display panel with the title "distance." The console also displays the revolutions per minute -- a means of measuring speed -- on the same part of the display. The display alternates between the two metrics every few seconds.

Track Distance

If you want to know the distance you would have traveled if you were on a track, look to the center display. The center display shows your progress along a virtual 400-meter, or quarter-mile, track. It takes 640 revolutions to perform one virtual lap of the track. After completing a single lap of the track, the display will start over again, showing your progress around another lap.

Manual Calculation

A single revolution on the elliptical is equivalent to traveling 0.625 meters on a track. To estimate your distance, simply multiply your total number of revolutions by 0.625. For instance, completing 1280 revolutions is the same as 800 meters or two laps of the track or approximately a half a mile. To complete a mile, you need to perform 2560 total revolutions.