How To Use Spine Worx

How To Use Spine Worx

Spine-Worx, an at-home chiropractic treatment, works by realigning the spine to alleviate mid and lower back pain and increase mobility. U.S. Therapy Inc., the makers of the device, tout that Spine-Worx is like having a “chiropractor in your home.” The device provides controlled pressure to your spine using your own body weight. Talk to your doctor before using the Spine-Worx to see if it is an appropriate at-home treatment choice to deal with your back pain.

Position the Spine-Worx upright on the floor. The floor surface should be level and firm.

Place a small pillow at the top of the Spine-Worx device at the point where you will rest your head.

Sit down at the edge of the Spine-Worx device with the highest rails.

Lean back slowly onto the Spine-Worx using both your arms and elbows for support.

Center your spine in the groove between the raised rails of the device and rest your head on the pillow.

Remain on the Spine-Worx for several minutes.

Change position by moving your arms or legs while keeping your spine centered on the Spine-Worx, if you experience any discomfort.

Turn over slowly onto your stomach and off of the Spine-Worx. Stay on your stomach for two minutes.

Push yourself up slowly using your hands and knees and stand up.


Use the Spine-Worx for three to five minutes daily. You can gradually increase use to no more than 15 minutes twice daily. Do not sit up immediately after resting on the Spine-Worx.


Talk to your doctor if you experience pain while using the Spine-Worx.