Assembly Instructions for a Sole F80 Treadmill

Person using treadmill

The Sole F80 treadmill is designed to be user-friendly and provide a solid workout. It features a 3.5 continuous-duty horsepower motor, one of the most powerful motors available in home treadmills. It has speeds up to 12 miles per hour and a 15-percent incline. It folds up for easy storage and can hold 375 pounds. It has 10 pre-loaded workouts, including two customizable plans, and keeps track of calories burned, distance traveled and length of the workout. It also comes with a lifetime frame, motor and deck warranty, a five-year electronics warranty and a two-year, in-home labor warranty. The treadmill comes in several parts: the frame base with belt attached; the upright tubes, connecting the frame base to the console and handles; the console, with cables; and the hand grips attached to the upright tubes.

Remove the treadmill from the carton and place it on the ground in a position to unfold it for use. Carefully remove the strap that's keeping the treadmill from unfolding. Be sure to do this without picking up the treadmill, as it may spring unfolded.

Install the speed nuts on the right and left sides of the frame base. There are six of them. Install the frame base cap through the upright tubes and connect the two ends of the computer cable from the upright tubes to the frame base.

Bolt the upright tubes to the frame base using the Allen wrench. Screw the frame base cap to the frame base using the Phillips-head screwdriver.

Connect the cables together. The speed-adjustment switch cable connects to the speed cable. The incline adjustment switch cable connects to the incline cable, and the computer cable connects to the other computer cable.

Bolt the console assembly to the upright tubes using the Allen wrench. Screw the left and right hand-grip side caps to the upright tubes and console support using the Phillips-head screwdriver.


Be sure you are not missing any pieces before attempting assembly. If you are, call customer support and report it. Read the user's manual and all the instructions before starting. That way, you have some direction on how to put the treadmill together.


Do not take the strap off of the frame base until the frame base is flat on the ground and no one is nearby. Otherwise, you may trigger the unfolding mechanism, and the machine may cause injury.