How to Lube a True Treadmill

True Fitness treadmills come in a variety of models, with some intended for residential use and others designed for commercial use. While these models differ in specific features, they share a basic design; as such, the processes involved in performing certain maintenance tasks remain fairly consistent throughout the product line. If the lubricant on your True treadmill's walking deck wears off through use, you will have to apply a fresh layer to keep the device in working order.

Remove the treadmill's safety key and set the device's power switch to the “Off” position. Pull the treadmill's power plug from its outlet.

Insert the short end of the hex key into the right adjustment bolt, located on the rear-right corner of the deck. Turn the bolt to the left several turns, then repeat with the left adjustment bolt, located on the rear-left corner of the deck. Check to see if you can lift the walking belt several inches off the deck; if not, loosen the bolts further.

Remove the cap from the end of the silicone lubricant, or use a pair of scissors to cut the end off the tube if no cap is present. Lift the belt off the deck and insert the end of the lubricant tube. Apply the lubricant to the surface of the deck in a circular motion, under the spot on the belt where you normally stand when exercising. Remove the tube.

Tighten the adjustment bolts to their original settings, then plug the treadmill's power cord back into the outlet. Set the power switch to the “On” position and clip the safety key's lanyard to your waistband. Step onto the walking deck's side rails.

Press the “Start” button and use the “Speed” buttons to set the treadmill's speed to 0.5 miles per hour. Step onto the belt and walk on the treadmill for five minutes. Step back onto the side rails and remove the safety key.

Hold down both incline buttons and reinsert the safety key; this will set the treadmill to a special calibration mode. Use the incline buttons to raise the end of the treadmill's deck to the highest level; confirm that the belt is not moving before proceeding. Step onto the belt and stand at the upper end of the deck, near the console.

Push against the console; if the belt is properly lubricated, the momentum will carry you to the end of the deck. If necessary, apply more lubricant to the walking deck.