Perfect Pullup Installation Instructions


The Perfect Pullup is a piece of home exercise equipment that helps strengthen your upper body and core through pull-ups and chin-ups. The Perfect Pullup has rotating handles that engage more muscles and reduce joint pain, claims Perfect Fitness, the makers of the Perfect Pullup. It also has adjustable swing arms, allowing for three exercise positions, making this equipment more versatile than the standard home pull-up bar.

Measure the doorway to make sure it is between 27 and 37 inches wide. If your preferred doorway is not the correct size, use another doorway.

Place a J-Bracket at the top of the door frame and mark the location of the two holes to drill. The correct position for the J-Brackets is on the side of the door frame opposite the door. Remove the bracket and drill the two holes using a 4mm drill bit. Put the J-Bracket back in place and install the screws using the Philips head screwdriver. Repeat on the other side.

Place the first side pivot 13 1/4 inches below the J-Bracket. Mark the two holes to be drilled, remove the pivot and drill the holes using the 4mm drill bit. Place the pivot back into position and install the screws with the Philips head screwdriver. Repeat on the other side.

Insert the two Swing Arm tubes into the sides of the Pullup tube. Then, install the Swing Arms onto the side pivots by lining up the large holes on the Swing Arms with the chrome head of the side pivots.

Rotate the Swing Arms up and hook them onto the J-Brackets. Make sure the Pullup tube in centered and then tighten the two black hex screws with the provided hex wrench. Do not tighten the chrome screws.

Test your Perfect Pullup by gradually putting your full weight onto the bar. Then, rotate the Swing Arms and check the side pivots. Check the door frame for stability. If the Perfect Pullup is not stable, do not use it. Remove the equipment and install it in another doorway.


To install the J-Brackets correctly, use the bracket that is shaped like the letter “J” on the left side. Most door frames are about 6 feet, 8 inches high. If your door frame is higher, mount the J-Brackets at least 6 feet 8 inches high.


After installing the Perfect Pullup, check for proper installation. Do not use it if the mounts feel loose or the door frame feels weak. Do not use the Perfect Pullup if you weigh more than 300 lbs. Doing so may cause an injury or may damage your doorway.