The Best Ellipticals for Under $300

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Ellipticals are often expensive and bulky, which make them difficult to own for home use, despite their extensive health benefits. However, there are companies which make affordable elliptical machines geared toward home owners rather than gyms. Among these are Stamina, Exerpeutic, ProGear, and Sunny.

Stamina Ellipticals

Stamina makes fitness products specifically for home use. While some of their machines are more expensive, they market elliptical machines at a price and size for the individual. Several of their models can even fit under a bed or desk or even on a shelf in a closet. They also come at a price of $200.00. However, their compact size also means they come with few adjustment and resistance options.

Exerpeutic Ellipticals

Exerpeutic makes several ellipticals that are affordable and durable. Their ellipticals are larger than Stamina and have handles, for an added upper-body workout. They also have several different settings and adjustments for weight and resistance. While having handles and adjustment settings, they are also compact for a large fitness machine and can fit in a small corner of a room. Several of their models are below $100.00.

ProGear Ellipticals

ProGear offers a line of affordable ellipticals for sale through online and off-line retailers. Their ellipticals are also in the $100.00 to $200.00 range. They offer various features, such as a space-saver design, heart rate monitor and extended capacity arms, which gives a more intense upper-body workout. They do not, however, have adjustable tension.

Sunny Health Ellipticals

Sunny Health and Fitness offers a variety of ellipticals for under $300.00. While Sunny's ellipticals do not have a lot of features, they do have handles for an added upper-body workout, a computer system to track calories burned and time on the machine and magnetic tension for a smooth workout. Some of the machines have a tension-adjustment option to increase or decrease the workout.