The Best Vibrating Exercise Machine

The Best Vibrating Exercise Machine

Two distinct types of vibration machine work by producing a continual vibrating motion. They are supposed to help strengthen the muscles, strengthen your core muscles and greatly improve the circulation of blood and oxygen around the body. Vibration machines can also be used for warming and stretching the muscles. HealthRider and Power Plate are two of the most well known companies that produce vibration machines. Not all vibration machines are made equal, however the ones that are more effective are usually more expensive to purchase.

Oscillating Platform Machines

Oscillating platform vibration machines are designed to stay in one place. The user is supposed to stand on a platform that moves from side to side at a fast pace. There are different levels, you can opt for the program that is designed for people with bad backs and joint problems. This program improves blood and oxygen circulation. You can also go for a weight loss or toning option. Oscillating machines are perfect for those who are looking to lose weight. If your primary goal is fat loss and not muscle gain, then you should go for an oscillating machine.

Tri-planer Machines

The other type vibration machine is a tri-planar machine. They do not move from side to side like oscillating platforms. They rather move up and down, and backwards and forwards. One advantage of tri-planar machines is that they move faster than oscillating machines. They are best suited for those who are looking to tone up and gain muscle. Although they are slightly more expensive than the oscillating machines, they are effective for sportsmen and women because they can help you gain muscle and tone up.


Sizes vary when it comes to vibration machines. You can purchase portable machines that are more suitable for home use. You can actually buy a single oscillating platform that is small enough to fit into a closet or under a bed. The larger vibration machines are designed for gyms, physiotherapy facilities.


You should always consult your doctor before using a vibration machine. Especially if you suffer from back or joint problems. People who suffer from any cardiovascular disorder should seriously consult their doctor before attempting to use a vibration machine.