What Do Baseball Players Wear on Their Wrist?

Many baseball players at all levels of the game are creatures of habit. As they prepare for each game, they'll often meticulously prepare their cleats, glove, uniform and whatever they choose to wear on their wrists. For some players, wrist adornments are part of keeping healthy and comfortable. For others, these items play a role in a player's superstitions.

Taping It Up

In several sports, including baseball, athletes tape their wrists before games and practices. Wrapping several layers of athletic tape around your wrist provides support and protection for the joint itself. If you've dealt with a previous wrist injury, such as a sprain, taping it can reduce the likelihood of the injury returning, notes PhysioAdvisor.com.

Sweat Absorption and Protection

The wrist tape that some players use is often hidden beneath other wrist gear. Many players place one or more sweatbands on each wrist, which also is common in basketball, football and tennis. These bands absorb sweat and allow a player to quickly wipe his forehead dry. Traditional sweatbands provide little protection for batters, but many players wear protective gear featuring high-density plastic while batting.

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