Is Long-Term Heavy Weightlifting Dangerous?

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Strength training with heavy weights can be an effective way to add lean muscle mass and develop a physique bursting with functional strength. With age, certain aspects of heavy weight training may pose concerns, especially with the effects on bone health, diminishing muscle tissue and impact on the joints. However, when done carefully, correctly and consistently, heavy weight training is perfectly safe as a long-term fitness regimen.

Safety in Consistency

The key to making heavy weight training safe as a long-term program is consistency. If you frequently take extensive breaks from a heavy-lifting program -- for months at a time -- you will have difficulty assuaging many of the deleterious effects. The safest way to lift long term is to do it continuously. This develops an increasing base of foundational strength and provides you the benefits of increasing bone density and strengthening joints and tendons over the long term. Also, ensuring that you get adequate rest periods during your weekly workout schedule will go a long way toward mitigating any dangerous impacts to your health.