Is Rowing Good for Injured Knees?


If you have suffered from an injured knee it's important that you're aware of what exercises are good for your knee and which ones may exacerbate the issue. When you have knee pain it is crucial that you avoid high impact exercises that place a great demand on your knees and stress on your joints.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine in the gym is a low-impact exercise that builds stamina as well as muscular endurance without added knee pain. According to the website Rowing Machine Reviews, rowing machines build strength in the upper body, lower body and your abs without any added tension on the knees.

Warm Up

Warming up is crucial before you perform any type of activity, especially if you have an injured knee. Brian Mac, sports coach, explains that warmups help prevent injury and muscle soreness. Choose to perform dynamic stretches like leg swings and runner's lunges in order to increase your blood flow and joint flexibility. These moves mimic the movements used during your rowing workout, preparing your body for activity.


During your rowing routine you can make your workout more challenging by adding resistance. Increasing your work load places greater demand on your body, allowing you to burn more calories. Interval training is another way to increase your caloric burn. Interval train by working at a high intensity followed by a recovery period. For example, choose to work hard for 30 minutes followed by a two minute recovery period.

Cool Down

Cooling down after you work out is crucial to preventing knee pain. After your workout choose to static stretch your muscles to lengthen the muscles used in rowing. Hold your stretches for 30 seconds to one minute to gain the most benefits. Perform stretches like hamstring forward fold, standing quadricep stretch and butterfly stretch to lengthen your muscle and alleviate any unwanted knee or leg pain.