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Scarecrow Workout Technique

The scarecrow workout technique offers benefits for your arms, core and shoulders, and doesn't require any special equipment. Adding scarecrow exercises to your routine tones and strengthens your muscles while burning calories for weight loss or maintenance. Several variations of the scarecrow technique are available, allowing you to use the one that fits best with your fitness goals. Talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

Scarecrow Technique

The scarecrow workout technique involves holding your arms at a 90-degree angle while performing the moves. In some exercises, your arms do the same exercise, while others require them to do opposite moves at the same time. These moves typically accompany an overall workout that includes exercises that work the other muscles in your body. If you'd like to increase your arm, shoulder or core strength, adding scarecrow exercises to your routine is a good way to do this.


One way to perform a scarecrow exercise is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend each arm at a 90-degree angle. Point one hand up and one hand down and lift and lower your arms alternately so that one is always up and one is always down, moving back and forth between your arms. Some routines involve kneeling while performing the move; others require moving both arms up and down at the same time. Another variation is to start the exercise with both arms up, but move them down alternately, one at a time. Many times, the scarecrow is done while holding a free weight in each hand.


The benefits of using scarecrow exercises include strengthening and toning many of your muscle groups. This effect is enhanced by using weights. The moves work the muscles in your upper arms, forearms, shoulder, upper back and core. This makes some daily tasks, such as heavy lifting, easier, while also reducing your risk of injury. In addition, the technique burns calories. Controlling your weight reduces the risk of heart disease, depression, diabetes and cancer.


If you're new to scarecrow moves, practice the technique without weights until you are familiar with them. This reduces your chances of sustaining an injury. Once you're comfortable with the exercises, start with a small weight and gradually increase the pound load as you gain endurance and strength. If scarecrow exercises become painful, stop and consult your doctor.

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