How to Build a Windmill for Mini Golf


Miniature golf is a recreational sport enjoyed by hundred of thousands of people every year. Every resort town in the world has a miniature golf course, and families everywhere flock to the collection of fun themed holes for a round of golf and fun. No miniature golf course is complete without the legendary windmill hole.

Sketch out a design of your windmill. Most feature a small base section decorated at the top with four windmill paddles.

Build the base by nailing the two-by-fours together, making a square. Nail the plywood over the sides of the square.

Cut out four "paddles" for the windmill. Use a marker to draw the shape of the paddle on the plywood, then cut out with a jigsaw. The paddles should be approximately 2 feet long by 5 inches wide.

Screw the lag bolt into the top of the base structure. Drill a single hole at the base of each of the paddles, approximately 1 inch from the bottom.

Put a washer over the lag bolt, then place each of the paddles over the lag bolt. Spread the paddles so they are equidistant from one another, creating a fan pattern. Put a second washer on top of the paddles, followed by a nut. Screw tightly so the paddles are in place but rotate freely.

Spray paint the base structure and the paddles. Use bright colors. Consider freehand painting a couple of windows and a door. Set the structure over the miniature golf course hole.


Spend some time with your paint--the fancier the paint job, the more impressive the windmill.


Always wear eye protection when using a saw. Make sure you spray paint the windmill in a well-ventilated area to avoid dangerous fumes.