How to Clean Slendertone Pads

Slendertone is an abdominal-toning system. The belt-like unit is placed around the abdominal and waist area and, when turned on, vibrates and stimulates the abdominal muscles. The belt features Slendertone pads, which are sticky pads, that help the belt stay in position. If properly cared for, the sticky pads have a life of 30 to 40 uses. After each use, the pads should be cleaned to remove skin oil and residue and then stored in a cool, dry area with the cover properly placed over them.

Remove the pads from the Slendertone belt after use.

Place the pads so the textured side, or side that touches your stomach, is face up.

Dampen a soft cloth with a window cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

Wipe the Slendertone pad gently to remove skin oils and residue. Do not rub or clean vigorously as this will remove the tackiness which allows the pads to stick to your skin.

Allow the pad to air dry.

Place the cover directly over the Slendertone pad to prevent dirt and dust from building up on the pad while it's stored.