How do I Replace Sportline Batteries in a Watch?


Sportline offers an extensive line of heart rate monitors, stopwatches and pedometers. The company's heart rate monitors, such as the Solo 900 watch, determine your pulse rate by processing the electronic signals that pass through your skin whenever your heart beats. You can replace dead Sportline batteries on your own to save time and money, but for most of its watches, Sportline recommends users have the batteries replaced by a professional.

Sportline Solo 900 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Remove the battery cover on the back of the watch using a coin or a small screwdriver designed for jewelry and watches.

Pop out the battery with your finger or a small screwdriver.

Insert a standard 2025 lithium replacement battery with the positive side facing the battery cover.

Gently bend the spring on the battery cover to apply more pressure to the battery. Increasing the pressure will help the battery contact the watch correctly and ensure the watch functions properly.

Replace the battery cover.


Use a pencil eraser to clean the area where the battery makes contact with the watch.