How to Install a Shimano Bar-end Shifter

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A bar-end shifter attaches to the ends of a compatible handlebar on a bicycle. Bar-end shifters are particularly popular with long distance leisure cyclists due to their accessibility and multiple shifting modes. A set of Shimano Dura-Ace bar-end shifters includes a left and right shifter. The left shifter controls the gearing for the front of the bicycle. The right shifter controls the gearing for the rear of the bicycle. The installation process is the same for each shifter.

Bar-end Shifter Installation

Insert the smooth, cylindrical end of the bar-end shifter into the hollow at the end of the handlebar. Position the shifter so that the cable housing stop, the small hole in the body of the shifter, is at the bottom.

Fit a 6 mm hex wrench into the hole in the center of the Shimano bar-end shifter. Turn the wrench clockwise to tighten the shifter in place.

Pass the lever boss, which resembles a bolt with four flat sides, through the hole in the side of the bar-end shifter. Install the lever boss so that its narrow end is pointing in towards the bicycle.

Fit the Shimano bar-end shifter positioning washer over the narrow end of the lever boss. Check that the projection inside the positioning washer points down.

Install the lever grip onto the narrow end of the lever boss. Once in place, the lever grip will point down.

Fit the screw through the hole in the side of the lever grip. Thread the screw in by hand as far as possible.

Use a flat head screwdriver to fully tighten the screw, securing the lever grip to the body of the bar-end shifter.

Cable Housing Installation

Fit a cable ferrule, a metal cap that protects the end of the cable housing from damage, onto each end of the cable housing. The cable housing is included with the Shimano bar-end shifters.

Install one end of the cable housing into the bar-end shifter housing cover.

Fit the outer casing guide, included with the bar-end shifters, onto the underside of the cable housing where the housing enters the bar-end shifter housing cover.

Wrap two to three strips of electrical tape around the housing to secure the housing and outer casing guide to the handlebar.

Fit the other end of the housing into the hole in the cable stop, midway along the bicycle frame's down tube. The bicycle frame's down tube begins at the head tube, or "head" of the bicycle frame, and extends down towards the base of the frame.