How to Lubricate My Spirit Treadmill

Keep your Spirit treadmill properly lubricated to extend the life of your unit. Treadmills without proper lubrication will cause friction between the deck rises and belt, and cause stress on the motor and other components. Spirit treadmill lubrication should be performed once every 180 hours of use; the treadmill contains a built-in indicator located on the console to remind you to perform this maintenance procedure.

Locate the two rear roller adjustment bolts that are located in the rear endcaps of the belt. Loosen the walking belt using the Allen wrench five to ten turns, until there is just enough room to get your hand underneath the belt.

Loosen the bolts an equal number of turns and mentally record how many turns you use to loosen them. You will need to tighten the bolts back to the same point you began at when you are finished.

Clean the deck with a fresh cloth to remove any debris or dirt.

Begin approximately 18 inches from the motor cover and squeeze out the entire tub of lubricant onto the very middle of the deck surface in a line parallel to the motor cover. Be sure it is applied in an equal distance from both sides of the belt. The line should be 12 inches in length and resemble the width of a blob of toothpaste upon a toothbrush.

Tighten the rear roller bolts back into position the same number of turns you used to loosen them earlier.

Turn the treadmill on at a speed of six mph and let it run, without walking on it. Wait two minutes to ensure the belt remains properly affixed to the middle of the deck. If is sways to one side or the other, follow the directions in your manufacturer’s guide to fix it. A copy of the guide for the XT175 and X275 is located in the Resources section of this article.

Continue to run the treadmill at six mph and begin walking on it after the two minutes are up. Walk on the treadmill for an additional five minutes to make sure the lubricant becomes evenly distributed on the belt.


Lubricant should be applied in the area your feet normally walk on the treadmill. This is usually approximately 18 inches from the cover of the motor, but check to see your tread path before beginning your lubing operations.

Follow any instructions that come with the Lube-N-Walk kit if purchased if you are not using the lube that is supplied with your treadmill.


Never use anything but a Spirit-approved lubricant on your Spirit Treadmill.

Your warranty may be voided if you do not lubricate your treadmill at regular intervals.