Problems With the iFit Live Module


    Before purchasing the iFit module, be sure that your workout equipment is compatible. The iFit works will three different types of machines -- treadmills, elliptical trainers and incline trainers -- from a few different companies: Nordic Track, Pro Form, Reebok, Free Motion and HealthRider. If your machine doesn't appear on the iFit support page, don't try to attach the iFit Live Module.

Setup Doesn't Complete

    In the support documentation for iFit Live (in particular for the wireless module), the manufacturer highlights a known issue with the installation not completing upon using the device for the first time. The module needs to be formatted using your PC and the software should be reinstalled. Close the iFit software if it's running and attach the wireless module using the provided USB cable. Open "My Computer" and look for the "iFit" to be listed with an assigned drive letter. Right-click the icon and choose "Format..." Click "FAT" (not "FAT32") and uncheck "Quick Format." Click "Okay." When the process completes, disconnect the module then uninstall the iFit software. Install the newest version from the company's website, then reconnect the module with the USB cable and run setup again.

Network Connection Issues

    The manufacturer lists nine possible reasons why the wireless module may not connect to your home network to transmit workout information to your machine or data from your machine to your computer. If your wireless network is password protected, be sure to enter this information during the setup. Some virus and security programs can interfere with the wireless signal, so be sure to set exceptions in your Windows firewall for the software. Your router needs to have DHCP enabled; check your router manual to see how to do this. If you still can't connect after checking all these settings, try disabling your Internet security before connecting the module.

Computer Display Not Updating

    You can use the iFit Live and your computer or smart phone near to your exercise equipment to monitor your route in real-time. As you exercise, the icon should move along the route to show your progress. If you don't see any movement, your session has probably expired with the iFit servers; log out and log back in to resume.

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