How to Repair a New Balance Exercise Bicycle

Close-up of a young woman sitting on an exercise bicycle holding a bottle of water

New Balance stationary bicycles are a line of exercise products produced by Fitness Quest, designed to provide an aerobic workout. These products consist of a seat mounted on a base unit equipped with pedals; as the user turns the pedals, a pulley wheel inside the device provides resistance. A digital console monitors the user's workout and displays relevant information such as the time elapsed and estimated distance traveled. Occasionally, one of these components may suffer a failure, affecting the bicycle's ability to function properly.

Drive Belt

Detach the left and right pedals from the pedal crank. Remove the screws and bolts, securing the left rear cover to the bicycle's base; detach the left rear cover and set it aside. Repeat with the right rear cover.

Remove the screws and bolts securing the left front cover to the bicycle's base. Detach the left front cover and pull it free of the crank. Repeat with the right front cover. Remove the bolts securing the crank to the frame; detach the crank and set it aside.

Pull the drive belt free of the crank pulley and resistance pulley; if the belt shows signs of wear or damage, discard it and select a replacement belt. Reinstall the drive belt onto the pulleys. Turn the crank pulley by hand and confirm the belt will turn the resistance pulley without slipping off.

Replace the crank and bolt it to the frame. Reattach the front and rear covers and use the previously removed screws and bolts to secure them back onto the base. Reattach the pedals to the pedal crank.


Check the computer's power supply. If the computer uses batteries, open the battery bay and confirm the batteries have been installed properly; if this fails to solve the problem, replace the batteries with a new set. If the computer uses an AC adapter, confirm the adapter is properly connected to the computer and power outlet.

Remove the bolts securing the computer to the computer tube and lift the computer upward. Check the connections between the wires protruding from the computer and those protruding from the top of the tube. Bolt the computer back onto the tube.

Remove the bolts securing the computer tube to the bicycle's base and lift the tube upward. Check the connections between the wires protruding from the bottom of the tube and those protruding from the bicycle base. Bolt the tube back onto the base.


To adjust the computer's contrast settings, hold the “Enter” and “Up” arrow buttons simultaneously until the contrast calibration screen appears.