How to Recalibrate a NordicTrack 2500 Incline

BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

One of the advantages of walking or running on the treadmill is the option to adjust the incline. You can raise the incline a bit to compensate for the lack of wind resistance, lift it higher to simulate hill walking or vary the incline as part of an interval-training session. If the incline function on your NordicTrack 2500 treadmill malfunctions, you should be able to recalibrate the machine in seconds.

Place the key into the machine. The key’s slot is located on the bottom of the console, below the start and stop buttons.

Press any of the incline buttons and then remove the key from the machine while the incline is changing. Pause for a few seconds and then put the key back into the slot.

Wait as the treadmill automatically shifts to the highest possible incline and then descends to the lowest level. The treadmill should now be recalibrated.