List of Exercise Machines

Exercise machines

Exercise machines and equipment are selling in record numbers. According to, gym memberships have slipped since 2006, and sales of home fitness equipment is growing. The equipment comes in all price ranges, according to durability and features. There are two considerations when selecting exercise machines and equipment. The first is the aerobic benefit, which helps the cardiovascular system. The second consideration is strength and muscle training. All of the equipment you see in gyms can be purchased for use in the home.


The most popular of the exercise machines, treadmills account for more than half of the home exercise equipment market. Two of the best exercises for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are running and walking. Most treadmills allow you to select the incline and speed for your training purposes. When selecting a treadmill, choose one with a belt that is wide enough to comfortably walk on it without accidentally stepping off the side. Some of the higher end treadmills have heart monitors, drink holders, stereos and televisions.

Elliptical Machine

The elliptical exercise machine is helpful for people with joint or bone problems who can’t handle much impact. In addition to providing an excellent cardiovascular workout, they help with developing balance. Elliptical machines go forward and backward, creating different movement that gives the muscles an additional workout. This is an advantage the elliptical machine has over a treadmill, according to Christina Geithner, professor of exercise science with Gozaga University at Spokane, Washington.

Stationary Bike

There are two types of stationary bicycles—the traditional and the recumbent bikes. The traditional stationary bike is more like a regular bicycle, and it works the gluteus muscles better, since there is more hip extension. People who have back problems may benefit more from a recumbent bike because it offers back support. Both provide an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Complete All-in-One Home Gym System

For people who want a complete gym but have limited space in their homes, the all-in-one home gym system may be the answer. A good one should have at least one workout for every part of the body. These are ideal for people serious about building muscle and weight training.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are designed for a combination of cardiovascular and strength building. They provide a low-impact workout for the entire body. This machine is easy to learn how to use at all fitness levels. Done properly, all of the major muscles will benefit.