Gazelle Freestyle Assembly Instructions

    Take all parts and instructions out of the box. Start by unfolding the assembly instructions and placing them flat on the floor. Place all of the parts on the floor. Get familiar with all of the parts. Refer to the assembly instructions to locate information about each part.

    Hold the front feet upwards in your hands. Place the rubber caps onto the front feet. Bolt the front feet together. Open up the frame and lock it into place. It should form an "X" shape when this is done correctly.

    Screw suspension cables to the back. Wind them through the cable holders on the foot platforms. Screw the foot platforms to the front poles on the rollers at the bottom of the handles.

    Attach the cables to the front legs. Test the cables to make sure that they are secure by making sure it will support your weight.

    Attach the hydraulic arms just below where the Gazelle Freestyle frame crosses in the front. Pull the arms up and attach them in place.


  • Test the Gazelle Freestyle and make sure that it's working smoothly before attempting a full workout on it.

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