Step-by-Step Maintenance for a Weslo Treadmill


Treadmills are a great way to get a vigorous cardiovascular workout in the privacy of your own home, and they provide a workout option for those with busy schedules that leave little time for a gym. Weslo treadmills are inexpensive, easy to use and offer a variety of features to customize your workouts. Maintaining your Weslo treadmill is simple, will ensure proper function and reduce the risk of damaged parts.

Check the walking belt position before each use to prevent damage or injury. It must remain centered on the walking platform. Shifting to the right or left may damage the belt by the roller guard screws.

Set the belt to medium speed to adjust its position. Turn the belt adjustment screws located at the back sides of the walking platform, using the allen key provided, to move the belt left or right.

Turn the left adjustment screw clockwise and turn the right screw counter-clockwise (1/8-turn at a time) if the belt has shifted to the left to move it back to center position. If the belt has shifted to the right, turn the left adjustment screw counter-clockwise and the right screw clockwise.

Turn off the treadmill and unplug the power cord.

Lift the edges of the belt to check for proper tension. If the tension is good, you should be able to lift the edges 2 to 3 inches on either side from the platform. The center of the belt should just touch the surface of the platform.

Turn both adjustment screws clockwise to tighten the belt if it is loose. If it is too tight, turn the screws counter-clockwise. Do not over tighten the belt because it may cause stretching and impair motor performance.

Check the roller guards located at the back of the walking platform periodically. They should be positioned 1/8-inch away from the rear roller.

Loosen the roller guard screws and slide the roller guards forward or back to adjust their position if needed.

Tighten the screws when you have adjusted the roller guards to the proper position.

Apply silicone-based lubricant beneath the belt on either side of the walking platform after every 10 hours of use to reduce wear and ensure low-friction operation of the walking belt. Do not use oil- or petroleum-based lubricants.

Clean the pulse earclip, located on the console of the treadmill, regularly to ensure proper function. Press the clip open and wipe the two clear bubbles inside using a cotton swab soaked in denatured alcohol.

Wipe down the treadmill surfaces after each use with a damp (almost dry) cloth to remove sweat and oil.

Unplug the treadmill when it is not in use.

Store the treadmill in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight if you won’t be using it for long periods of time.