Instructions for the Nordic Track Ellipse Machine

The Ellipse was manufactured in 1997. It was NordicTrack's first elliptical machine and is available in two models, the e7 and e9. The Ellipse offers a low-impact, full-body workout. It features arm levers for you to work your upper and lower body together. You can pedal forward or backward on the Ellipse to target different leg muscles. Both the e7 and e9 Ellipse models offer adjustable leg resistance. With the e9 model, you can set the arm levers to be stationary or to move.

Adjust the leg resistance. Only change the leg tension when you are moving the pedals. Turn the adjustment knob, located on the right side of the console, forward to increase the resistance and backward to decrease it.

Change the arm setting on the e9 model. Choose either a lower-body workout or a full-body workout. Use the arm lock knobs located on the arm levers. For a lower-body workout, secure the lever arms in place by turning the arm lock knobs inward. To use the arm levers for a full-body workout, turn the lock knobs outward. Slide the upright up or down to the desired height. Place the knob back in the upright and turn it clockwise to secure the assembly.

Adjust the height on the Ellipse e9. Locate the height adjustment knob on the front of the machine, underneath the console. Turn the knob four times, counterclockwise. Grab the height adjustment handle and completely remove the knob.

Initiate your workout. Step on the machine. Begin pedaling either forward or backward. The console will turn on and display information about your workout, including speed, time, distance and calories.

Fold your Ellipse when you are finished with your workout. If you have the e9 model, make sure the height adjustment is at the lowest level before you fold the machine. Rotate the pedals so they are even in the front position. Turn the upright tube knob four times, counterclockwise, to loosen it. Do not pull the knob completely out. Push the knob down to activate the upright release latch. Gently lower the upright tube onto the base of the machine. Lift the front of the machine and roll it to a storage area.


Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.