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Fitness Gear 821T Treadmill Review

The Fitness Gear 821T is an electric treadmill manufactured by Horizon Fitness. It is intended for exercise in the home for the budget-minded consumer, and was an exclusive product of Dick's Sporting Goods. Though no longer available through Dick's Sporting Goods, this treadmill may be found through online retailers.


The Fitness Gear 821T offers a 1.25 horsepower motor that supports up to 250 pounds at speeds of 0 to 10 mph. Elevation options are from a 0 percent to 10 percent incline. It also features several interval training levels as well as a magnetic safety key.


The console has a large digital display showing distance and time. Speed and elevation are set by pushing numbered preset buttons or by using manual up and down speed and elevation buttons. You will find bottle holders on either side of the display and a magazine ledge. Foam cushioned handles project toward the consumer for balance and additional handles are positioned below the console, which include heart rate sensors.

Flex Deck

The deck features a 18 inch wide tread on a flexible deck designed to cushion impact from walking or running. The 50 inch long deck can accommodate most any stride and folds up for storage.


A 90 day parts and labor warranty comes standard, along with a three-year warranty on the motor. The frame holds a lifetime warranty. Additional one- and two-year warranties are available for purchase through Horizon Fitness.

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