45-Minute Treadmill Workouts

Running for 45 minutes on the treadmill doesn't have to be boring. Many people come to dread their treadmill workouts, but that's because they keep doing the same thing every day. If you continue to run at the same pace for the same amount of time each workout, your body will become accustomed to the workout and you will stop seeing results. Change up your treadmill routine often to fight off boredom and keep your body guessing.

Start With Walk to Jog

This is a great place for beginners to start until they can build up their fitness. If you have only been walking as a form of exercise, slowly incorporate more intensity by jogging. Add 30 seconds of jogging after every two minutes of walking. As your fitness improves, you can increase the amount of time you spend jogging and decrease the amount of time you are walking. For example, begin with a five-minute fast walk to warm up. Increase your speed until you are jogging and continue to jog for 30 seconds. Slow back down to a fast walk and walk for two minutes. Repeat these walk and jog intervals until you reach 40 minutes. Slow your speed down and cool down for five minutes to complete a full 45-minute workout.

Try Interval Training

With interval training, you are altering speeds throughout the workout, which means that your heart rate is never able to drop to a steady pace. This increase in heart rate increases your overall calorie burn and will have your body burning calories even after you have stopped working out. Add intervals into your treadmill run by increasing your speed to a fast-paced run for 30 seconds, followed by a slower jog for two minutes to recover. For example, begin with a warm-up jog. This should be a comfortable speed in which you can carry on a conversation. After five minutes, increase your pace to an easy run. On the treadmill this is typically around 6 mph. Continue this pace for two minutes, then increase your speed to a faster run, around 8 mph on the treadmill for 30 seconds. You should not be able to talk at all during this run. Slow your pace back down to your easy run speed and recover for two minutes before speeding up again. Alternate these intervals for 40 minutes before cooling down for the final five minutes of your workout.

Ramp Up the Incline

A change in incline essentially has you feeling like you are jogging or running uphill. This causes your heart to work harder to propel you up the "hill" as well as puts more stress on your quads, hamstrings and calves. During your 45-minute workout, increase the incline by 5 percent for a minute, keeping your pace the same. For example, after a five-minute warm-up, increase the incline on the treadmill to 5 percent. Run at an easy pace, anywhere from 6 mph to 8 mph depending on your fitness level. Remain at this incline for one minute, then drop the incline back down to zero for two minutes. Keep your pace the same throughout the workout. Repeat these hill intervals for 40 minutes before cooling down for the final five minutes of your workout.

Mix It All Together

One sure way to beat boredom on the treadmill is to keep changing your routine. If you have been performing intervals for a while and find that they are becoming boring, then try adding intervals with incline. Instead of only increasing your speed during the interval, try increasing the incline as well. You can also set the incline at a certain percentage and perform your entire workout at the incline.

About the Author

Kaitlin Condon is a holistic health coach and certified physical fitness/wellness specialist. She is a contributing health writer for the teen magazine "Miabella," as well as several online publications.