How to Do Heisman Exercises

Basketball player silhouette at sunset

The Heisman, or lateral jump, is a well-kept secret in the world of plyometric exercises. Plyometrics work the muscles to peak performance using the stored energy and elasticity of the muscle fibers with each movement. Plyometric exercises, such as the Heisman, can help improve performance in competitive sports. Don't try this exercise if you have any knee, hip or back injuries without permission from a physician.

Warm up the muscles before completing Heismans by increasing the heart rate. Jog in place for 30 seconds, do jumping jacks or choose your own warm-up activity.

Stretch the large muscle groups in your core and legs. Focus on the hamstrings, quadriceps and lower back muscle groups.

Stand on a firm surface with plenty of room. Keep your feet together and your knees slightly bent or flexible.

Jump or step, depending on your level of physical ability, to the right. Balance on the ball of your right foot.

Pull your left knee up as you jump on the right foot. Imagine you are trying to hit your right shoulder with your left kneecap. The left leg should pull up toward the torso and angle slightly to the right.

Hold that position for one to three breaths and jump to your left foot, landing on the ball of the foot. Balance and hold on your left foot.

Repeat the movement on the left side, by bringing your right knee in toward your waist. Continue to repeat repetitions on both sides as tolerated.


Once you get started, only one foot should be touching the floor at a time. Keep your arms out and to the sides for balance.