Cardio Exercise Equipment for 500 Pound Capacity

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Congratulations on your decision to exercise and improve your health. If you weigh over 500 pounds, your choices for exercise equipment are limited. You have better luck using commercial equipment, which typically have higher weight capacities than at-home pieces. With a little time, you'll find the best workout for you to help you reach your goals.

Walk it Off

Treadmills are the most common piece of exercise equipment, since walking is one of the easiest activities to perform. You can find treadmills that support 500 pounds such as the Landice L8 and L9 series. Precor also makes treadmills that support 500 pounds. SciFit also makes treadmills for those weighing up to 500 pounds. When selecting a treadmill, look for one that supports approximately 50 pounds heavier than your body weight to help extend the life of the motor.

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal

Another option for exercise equipment that supports 500 pounds are recumbent bikes. A recumbent bike is a good choice for your workout if you find it more comfortable to sit and exercise rather than stand and walk. SciFit has recumbent bikes that support your weight, such as the ISO7000R.

Have a Seat

If the recumbent bike, or recumbent stepper you've chosen does not support your weight, see if the manufacturer's offer a different seat. Some companies allow you to change the seat to support higher weight amounts.

Use Your Arms

Your arms are used for your cardio workout when you use an arm ergometer. This machine resembles a bicycle for your arms. Your hands rest on the pedals and you circle your arms as if pedaling a bike. You can rest the pedals on a tabletop and use your own chair to support your weight. Other machines, are commercial grade with attached seats that support up to 600 pounds.

Read the Label

Although it may be tempting to use a machine that does not support 500 pounds, use caution and follow the manufacturer's directions. Select a different piece of equipment to ensure your safety. You risk a treadmill motor stopping suddenly, or a bicycle seat breaking; both of which are a risk of injury to you.