How to Improve Balance With Flat Feet

Young woman doing exercise on bosu ball

If you have flat feet, or fallen arches, you may develop imbalances in your ankles, legs and hips. Yoga Journal explains that without arch support in your feet, your ankles and inner thighs can become weak, which may lead to compression or pain in your lower back. Orthotics may help support your feet while walking in shoes. But to improve balance, your entire lower body needs to be strengthened.

Strengthen your core with leg lifts for your lower abdominal muscles; plank poses for your abs, lower back and hips; and crossover-crunches to work your transverse abdominals, which run along the sides of your torso.

Perform strength-training exercises -- such as squats, lunges and side leg lifts -- to improve your flexibility and power in your thighs, calves, hips and glutes.

Practice balancing on one leg daily. Accomplishing difficult physical feats requires regular practice to create positive muscle memory in both your muscles and your brain. Spend five or 10 minutes a day on balancing.

Stretch your feet, ankles, legs and glutes regularly. Stiff muscles can be difficult to control, so the more supple and flexible your body, the easier it is to perform difficult poses or postures.