How to Use a Pilates Rowing Exerciser

Portrait Of Gym Class Working Out On Rowing Machines

A Pilates rowing exerciser is a modified resistance band that simulates rowing a boat, or using a rowing machine in a gym. Instead of weights, the band provides resistance. This can be useful for individuals who don't have access to a gym or those who can't move significant weight on a rowing machine initially. Another advantage is that since the rowing motion is less guided than on a rowing machine, it forces small muscles, ligaments and joints to coordinate to keep your body steady and in proper form. Rather than isolating chest muscles alone, a Pilates rowing exerciser can help work smaller less active muscles.

Sit on a flat firm surface with your legs extended out in front of you. Keep your feet close together and your knees straight. Look forward towards you feet.

Place the tip of one foot into one of the rubber foot holds on the bottom end of the Pilates rowing exerciser. Place the tip of the other foot into the other foot hold. Make sure the tips of your feet are in far enough so they don't slip out.

Grasp the handle, one hand on each side. You can hold the handles with your thumbs upwards or with your thumbs pointing inwards.

Lean back slightly, while keeping your shoulders back. Keep your head looking forward. This is extremely important to maintaining proper form.

Pull the handle toward your upper chest slowly until it nearly touches your chest. Slowly move the handle back towards your lower body, gently fighting the resistance as you allow the handle to move. This is one repetition.

Add variety to this exercise by alternating repetitions with your elbows at the side of your chest keeping them as close to your sides as possible and some repetitions with your elbows pointing outwards towards the space on either side of you so they are further from your body.


Use a gym or exercise mat if the floor surface is uncomfortable to sit on.


Always consult with your doctor before beginning any workout routines.