How to Ride a Bike After Giving Birth

Saddle for bicycle

After you have given a birth, getting your body back in shape may be at the forefront of your mind. Common activities after giving birth include walking, stretching and riding a bicycle. Depending on the type of delivery you had, you may need to make adjustments to how you comfortably ride a bicycle. Before you begin any type of physical activity, speak to your doctor. He may wish you to wait until you have your post-partum examination before exercising again.

Limit activity for six weeks after a vaginal birth. When you have undergone a C-section, avoid riding a bike for at least eight weeks until after delivery.

Change your saddle. Your body changes after pregnancy and giving birth. Size your saddle by resting your sit bones in the center of the seat. Saddles that are too wide or too narrow are likely to cause discomfort during your ride.

Consider a man’s bike saddle with a slit in the middle. If you have undergone an episiotomy the seat design avoids placing pressure on the rear end.

Start off slowly. Ride for short 10 to 15 minute intervals. Work up to 30 minutes five days a week. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate forms of aerobic exercise.

Cushion your bottom with foam or gel padding. Place tubes or seat pads on the saddle to relieve pain and discomfort you may feel while riding a bike post-partum.

Stop riding your bike if you feel any pain. This is especially important if you have received sutures during labor. Tearing your stitches on a bike ride will require a visit to your doctor.


When the baby is over one year of age, bring him along on your bike ride with the use of a baby bike seat or trailer.