Seated Exercises to Reduce Leg Atrophy


Seated leg muscle exercises will help you reduce the effects of atrophy on the muscles in your leg. While all of the muscles in your leg may be atrophied due to a surgical procedure or incident that has left you immobilized for extended periods of time, it is important to work out the different muscles in your leg individually. Seated leg muscle exercises range from calf muscle exercises to hamstring exercises.

Seated Hamstring Exercises

Seated hamstring exercises will help strengthen your hamstring muscle, returning it to its original tone and shape. Sit at a leg curl machine with your legs extended and back straight. Select a weight that is appropriate for the current state of your legs. Tighten your abdominal muscles, pulling down on the leg pad with both legs until your knees are bent and lower legs are perpendicular to the ground. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions.

Seated Quadriceps Exercises

Seated quadriceps exercises are designed to increase muscle tone and definition in your quadriceps. Seated quadriceps exercises range from leg lifts to contractions. Sit in a chair with your feet flat and back straight. Extend both of your legs. Tighten your quadriceps and abdominal muscles, holding this position for a count of 10 seconds before relaxing. As you improve, increase the duration of your contractions. Repeat until fatigued.

Seated Calf Exercises

Seated calf exercises will help reduce the atrophy that has developed in your leg. Seated calf exercises range from stationary bike exercises to calf raises. While seated on a stationary bike, start by riding with a low level of resistance, concentrating on form and technique over speed. Once you have gotten your coordination and rhythm down, increase the amount of resistance on the stationary bike, forcing your calves to push harder in order to maintain your speed.

Seated Glute Exercises

Seated glute exercises will increase muscle mass in your glutes as well as indirectly strengthen your hamstrings and quadriceps. While seated, cross your right leg over your left knee so that the outer portion of your right foot is resting on top of the knee. From this position, lean your upper torso toward the ground, pushing until you feel a stretch in your glutes. Hold for 10 seconds before relaxing. Repeat with both legs until fatigued.