How to Increase Sexual Stamina Using Yoga

How to Increase Sexual Stamina Using Yoga

If you thought yoga might light a fire under a waning libido, you'd be absolutely right. After all, the whole purpose of yoga is to stimulate prana, the life force, of which sexual energy is a supremely important part. So it almost goes without saying that you can use yoga to increase your sexual stamina.

Of course, anyone who's serious about yoga knows that sexual stamina is totally tied in with a healthy, holistic lifestyle. And with that, let's get to work unleashing that caged pranic energy that will set your sex life alight.

The Elements of Staying Power

Merriam-Webster defines stamina as "staying power" or "endurance." Sustained and vigorous sex requires both a sturdy and flexible musco-skeletal system and a hearty cardiovascular system.

Yoga is great for the former and will help with the latter, but best of all it will bestow you with a sense of physical and mental well-being that would enhance anyone's sex life.

For anyone who's gotten out of shape, any yoga whatsoever should do wonders for your sex life. And whatever shape you're in, practicing a mere 10 minutes a day of Pranyama — yogic breathing exercises — before playtime will oxygenate your system and center your mind. Presence is sexy!

How to Increase Sexual Stamina Using Yoga

A good breathing exercise to start with is Skull Shining Breath.

HOW TO DO IT: The goal is to force as much air out of your lungs as possible by vigorously squeezing your abs like a bellows. (It's also called "Bellows Breath.") Simply use your abs to force the breath in and out of your nostrils. Perform three sets of 25 breaths each for a frolic-time energy boost.

Half-Lotus for Tight the Hips

Tight hips can cause discomfort and even pain both during and after sex, especially for women. They can even inhibit the very act itself. Fortunately, yoga has a whole trajectory of hip opening exercises, poses that will elongate and strengthen the adductor and extensor muscles that allow the hips to open and close.

A good starter is the Half-Lotus pose:

HOW TO DO: Sit on your mat in a relaxed cross-legged position. Gently slip your right foot over your left knee and as far up onto your thigh as you can manage. Rest here for a few seconds and try to advance your foot further toward the crook between your thigh and pelvis. Hold for 60 seconds or longer and switch legs.

Help for the Enlarged Prostate

As men grow older, the ever enlarging prostate gland can inhibit performance. Yoga poses for an enlarged prostate could improve circulation. A paper in the journal Translational Andrology and Urology recommends yoga among other healthy lifestyle choices for prostate health.