What Kinds of Exercises Can Slim Down the Insides of Your Thighs?

The inner thighs are the domain of the adductor longus, a long, triangular muscle that assists the thighs in flexing and rotating to the sides, as well as moving inward. Though spot reduction, or losing weight in just one area of the body, isn't possible, the inner thighs can be slimmed down along with the rest of the body through cardiovascular activity. The inner thighs can also be strengthened and toned through multiple kinds of exercise, which can help the legs appear more shapely.

Cardio is King

Regular cardiovascular activity is vital to losing overall body weight. The University of Cincinnati Net Wellness recommends 30 to 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three to five times a week to help shed pounds. Consider going to your local gym and signing up for a step aerobics class, which will give you a cardiovascular workout that incorporates moves such as grapevines and lateral stepups that strengthen the adductors. Jogging up a long flight of stairs will also do the trick.

Strike a Pose

Yoga can be an excellent way to stretch and strengthen the whole body. Certain poses that require you to keep your inner thighs pressed together, such as Headstand, Handstand and Shoulderstand, will help you feel the burn in your adductors. These poses may not be suitable for those with high blood pressure or neck injuries, however. Less challenging balance poses, such as Tree pose, will also require you to use your adductors, in conjunction with your hip abductors.

Prepare for Lift-Off

You can target your inner thighs by lying comfortably on a mat on the floor and doing leg lifts. To do a lying leg lift, lie on your right side, supporting your head with your hand and elbow. Move your left leg over the front of your right thigh, planting your foot flat on the floor. Steady yourself by placing your left palm on the floor or by holding on to your left leg. Keeping your right leg straight, move it up and down fluidly without touching the floor. Raise and lower 10 times, then rest. Do two more sets before switching sides.

Resistance Isn't Futile

A resistance band is a flexible band that provides resistance against your muscles as you exercise, forcing them to work hard to complete a movement. To target the adductors, wrap a band around your knees and sit on a chair. The chair should be at a height that allows your knees to bend at a 90-degree angle. Separate your knees, using your leg strength to pull them apart. "Boston Magazine" recommends repeating the exercise 10 times.