Nordictrack C1800 Treadmill Dimensions

When purchasing a treadmill for home use, you want to be sure the dimensions of the belt are comfortable and safe for your use. The length and width of the belt affects the comfort and safety of your workout. The NordicTrack C1800 is a personal treadmill that has ample space for your running or walking exercise programs.

Safe Measurements

The length and the width of the treadmill belt can add or detract from your workout enjoyment and efficiency. The length of a treadmill belt is particularly important if you are tall or have long legs. The C1800 has a long belt at 55 inches. In contrast, a short belt like those often found on manual operation treadmills, affects your stride and can cause you to walk or run with shortened steps. The width of a treadmill belt should let you walk comfortably, but you don't want it too wide that it won't fit through a doorway. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM, a treadmill belt's width should be on the wider side as a narrow belt increases your chance of falling. The NordicTrack C1800 has a wide belt at 20 inches that fits through doorways and keeps you from falling.

Wide Load

Most treadmills have a belt width between 16 and 20 inches. Imagine standing within two 12-inch floor-tile squares for a representation of the small amount of space on a treadmill. The ACSM recommends a width of at least 18 to 20 inches so you have room to swing your arms without hitting the handrails and so your feet stay on the belt. The C1800's belt is 20 inches in walking width, which is the highest recommended width and is almost essential for runners. At this width, you should be able to walk with your feet at a hips-distance apart.

Long and Short of It

Treadmills for at-home use have belt lengths between 42 and 62 inches long. These lengths accommodate most walking strides. If you are tall or have a long walking stride, seek a treadmill with a longer belt, at least 55 inches. In terms of safety and comfort, ACSM recommends a belt length of at least 48 inches. The 55 inches on the C1800 is long enough so you are able to perform your exercise, reach the controls on the console and not kick into the plastic motor covering on the front of the treadmill.

Room to Breathe

The deck of the C1800 is slightly wider and longer than the belt. The NordicTrack company recommends positioning your treadmill with 2 feet of clearance on the sides of the machine and at least 8 feet of clearance from the wall behind the treadmill. These recommendations should help you position your C1800 in a space that reduces your risk of injury should you fall or slide off the treadmill.

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