Bowflex TreadClimber and Calibration Failure

Side profile of a young woman running on a treadmill

The TreadClimber is Bowflex’s cardiovascular fitness flagship, combining the benefits of a treadmill, stair-stepper and elliptical machine into a single unit. Each of the four available TreadClimber units comes with an electronic control panel that has 3 to 15 functions to monitor your workout. Occasionally, the sensors in the TreadClimber will fail to calibrate properly when the machine is powered up.


Calibration errors can occur in the TreadClimber in the speed and step sensor, the heart rate monitor, the motor or the belt rollers. These errors can occur due to slippage in the belt, mechanical malfunction or if the machine was not calibrated properly during initial usage. Calibration issues can also occur if there is a power outage while the machine is plugged in.


A calibration error in your TreadClimber will either be displayed on the LED console or will be noticeable by a malfunction in the treadles. If the speed function shows you as walking faster or slower than you believe you are or that you are taking more or less steps than you think you are, it is likely the console needs to be recalibrated. If the treadles stop working or become difficult to move with a normal step when the resistance setting is low, the belts or motor will have to be recalibrated.


If your TreadClimber is not properly calibrated prior to working out, it may reduce the quality of your workout, increase the potential for injury or cause damage to the machine. While the TreadClimber has received positive reviews for its durability, calibration issues do occur and can affect your satisfaction with the machine.


If the electronic sensors in the machine are incorrect or the belts stop turning with an “err LS” or “err OS” message displayed on the screen, you must carry out a general recalibration of the machine. Unplug the machine and then plug it back in. Stand to the side of the machine and turn it on. Insert the safety key into the console display. It will then show a “CAL…PRSS…STRT” message. Press the “Start” key to begin the calibration and do not interrupt it while the machine carries out the procedure. When calibration is finished, the screen will display “CAL…PASS.” If the calibration fails again, call a Bowflex customer service representative.


If the general calibration fails, there is an LED diagnostics console located inside the rear step cover. When you call a customer service representative, she will guide you through the process of locating this console and diagnosing further issues with the TreadClimber. Do not attempt to diagnose or carry out repairs on TreadClimber parts that are not authorized by a Bowflex customer service representative. This can void your warranty on the machine.