Vitamaster Treadmill Maintenance Instructions

Young woman exercising on the treadmill

Vitamaster treadmills, manufactured by Roadmaster Industries, are some of the original treadmills in the fitness market, dating back to the 1950s. However, these treadmills are no longer made, and they're only available second-hand. Specific maintenance instructions are difficult to come by, but you may be able to care for your Vitamaster by following general treadmill maintenance tips.

Starting Off

Maintenance of your Vitamaster starts with ensuring proper installation. Place your treadmill on a floor mat on an even floor. The mat prevents your treadmill motor from sucking up lint and debris that may cause damage. To protect its electronic components, plug your Vitamaster into a surge protector and a grounded A/C outlet.

Keep It Clean

Dust and clean your Vitamaster with a damp cloth at least once a week, and ensure there is no build up of dust, dirt or lint near the belt or deck. Depending on how frequently you use your treadmill, check the tension of the tread belt every few weeks. If the belt is stretched, tighten the alignment screws that may be located at the back of the treadmill.

Keep It Running Smoothly

The belt of your Vitamaster generates heat and friction that can affect the treadmill's speed and performance. Periodically apply a lubricant to the belt and deck to reduce friction, keep the belt intact, and keep your treadmill running smoothly. You can buy Vitamaster treadmill lubricant online.

Still Going Strong

The Vitamaster treadmill has been superseded by computerized treadmills that offer improved features such as multiple program choices and fitness tests. However, the Vitamaster can still give you a satisfactory cardiovascular workout. As it is no longer manufactured, spare parts are difficult to obtain, and if you are fortunate enough to find any, you may have to install them yourself. Diligently following the maintenance instructions may help avoid this.