How to Troubleshoot Wii Fit Balance Board

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Using the balance board for Wii fit is a great way to incorporate exercise and fun into your daily routine, but it can be frustrating if the board is not working properly. There are many reasons why your Wii balance board may not be functioning correctly. Luckily, there are many ways to troubleshoot most issues when the balance board is not cooperating. Knowing how to troubleshoot and fix the error will help save you time and money from having to take it somewhere to have it looked at or fixed.

Not Syncing With Wii System

Verify that your game is compatible with the balance board. There will be a small board icon on the packaging.

Check the batteries in the Wii board. If they are low try replacing them.

Re-sync the board to the Wii system. Insert the game into the system, use the Wii remote to select the disc channel from the Wii menu and select start to begin the game. Open the SD card slot on the system, remove the battery cover on the balance board and press and release the SYNC button on the balance board and the system. The LED light on both should start blinking.

Turn off the system and unplug it, let it sit for a few seconds, then replug it it in and turn it back on.

Power and Battery Problems

Try using a licensed battery pack. If the current batteries are unlicensed switch them out for licensed batteries.

Try a fresh set of a batteries; wait a minute after pulling out the old batteries before putting in the new batteries. Verify that the batteries have been installed correctly.

Try troubleshooting issue by reconnecting your balance board to the Wii system. If problems persist contact the Wii help number.

Not Responding Correctly to Movement

If the Wii system is not responding to movement on the Wii balance board, first verify that you are using a game that is compatible with the Wii board. There will be a small board icon on the packaging.

Verify that the board is facing the proper direction. The blue light should be facing away from the TV, if it is facing the TV your movements will be reversed.

Check the battery life. If the batteries are low or dead replace those with a fresh set of batteries.

Verify that nothing is pressing up against the bottom of the board. If there is, install the foot extensions to raise the board.

Weight Not Detected Correctly

If the board is not detecting your weight correctly, install the foot extensions on the board. If the foot extensions are already installed verify that they are not loose or stuck.

Verify the battery life. If they are low or dead replace them with new batteries.

If you are using a cover on your balance board remove it and try the weight reading. The cover can alter readings on occasion.


If a problem persists after troubleshooting contact the manufacturer for more assistance.