How to Calibrate a BowFlex TreadClimber

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The TreadClimber by Bowflex provides a demanding cardiovascular workout but without putting dangerous stresses on your joints, thereby lowering the danger of injury. The Bowflex works by walking on two footbeds that rise as you step, so your foot never leaves the "ground" and there is little to no impact with every step. For the TreadClimber to display accurate information, you need to calibrate the machine. Once you complete the calibration of the TreadClimber, you can reap the rewards of working out at home.

Plug the TreadClimber into a standard outlet. Find the red switch located at the frontal base of the machine and flip it to the "On" position. If the TreadClimber is receiving ample power flow, the switch will be illuminated.

Stand next to the machine close enough so that you can access the controls. Do not stand on or touch the footpads in any way, as this will affect the calibration and lead to incorrect readings.

Plug the safety key into the key insert location on the display console. Look at the display and wait for "CAL, PRSS STRT" to appear on the screen. The display will show several messages before displaying this one. Do not press anything when the other messages appear, but hit the Start key when the aforementioned display appears. This will begin the calibration process on the machine.

Wait for the machine to calibrate. You don't need to do anything while this is happening. This can take between three and four minutes. When the screen displays "CAL, PASS," select the Power key and the machine should begin running as normal.

Contact customer support if for any reason the TreadClimber does not display the "CAL, PASS" message. The service representative will go through the proper troubleshooting methods with you. Be sure to give it enough time to calibrate before deciding that the calibration has not succeeded. The BowFlex number for customer support is 800-605-3369.