Pro Form 920 Treadmill Specs

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The Proform 920 model treadmill was built in the mid-1990’s by Proform Fitness Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Weider Health and Fitness, Inc. This treadmill has since been discontinued to make room for newer models. Used models can be purchased Online secondhand for up to $150.


The Proform 920 provides basic treadmill features including handrails, electronic display console, incline adjustment lever, safety key/clip and speed control knob. In addition, the Proform 920 can be folded for compact storage.

Speed and Incline Specifications

The Proform 920 treadmill has a 1.5 horsepower DC motor. The speed is adjusted by turning the speed control knob to speeds up to 8 mph. The incline can be adjusted via the incline adjustment lever located on the console. The user must stand on the foot rails toward the end of the treadmill to increase the incline and toward the front of the treadmill to decrease the incline. Per the user’s manual, to prolong the life of the walking belt, the 920 treadmill walking deck must be lubricated with a silicone lubricant every 10 hours of use.

Motivational Fitness Monitor

The console displays constant fitness feedback regarding your workout. The displays show elapsed time, approximate calories burned, speed and total distance.