Sears CrossWalk 365s Treadmill Specifications

Portrait of pretty girl training on special sport equipment

The ProForm 365s CrossWalk machine tries to improve on the standard home treadmill experience by adding upper-body exercise into the mix. Using this treadmill in your home can improve your cardiovascular fitness as you walk, jog or run. If you combine regular treadmill workouts with a healthy diet, you can also lose weight. You’ll burn even more calories and possibly strengthen you upper body by taking advantage of the treadmill’s “arms.”

Use the Treadmill Safely

Treadmills are supposed to improve your health, not hurt you, so it would be a shame if you used the machine incorrectly and suffered an injury. To use the 365s CrossWalk safely, place it on a flat surface and keep it away from damp or dusty areas -- which means you shouldn’t set it up in your garage or under a covered patio. Your clothes can also be a safety concern if they’re loose enough to be caught in the walking belt. But your clothing does provide a handy place to attach the clip end of the treadmill’s safety key. Then, if you fall while exercising, the walking belt will stop automatically. Indeed, the treadmill won’t start unless the key is inserted into the console first. Finally, don’t use the machine if you weigh more than 250 pounds.

Have a Heart

Use the treadmill’s pulse sensor to find out if you’re working hard enough. Step off the belt and onto the foot rails and then place your thumb on the pulse sensor, located on the lower left of the console. The sensor is specifically designed to read the pulse from your thumb. Just don’t push too hard or the reading won’t be accurate. Keep your thumb on the sensor for 15 seconds and then look for your pulse rate in the “Fat Cals Pulse” display on the console. Ideally, try to keep your heart rate within 55 to 70 percent of its maximum for as long as possible during your workout. For men, determine your maximum rate by subtracting your age from 220; women should subtract their ages from 226.

Arm Yourself

You expect elliptical trainers to have arms you can pump, but not treadmills. The 365s is an exception, however. This treadmill has two vertical arms attached to the frame, below the console, which you can pump as you walk. Pumping the arms, even at a low intensity setting, burns additional calories. Increase the arms’ resistance to help strengthen your own arms, plus your shoulders. For safety, however, only use the treadmill’s arms while you’re walking, not running.

Make Your Move

For convenience, you can fold up the 365s treadmill and move it aside. Unplug the machine and then grasp it at the back of the frame -- the side farthest from the console. Raise the walking platform until it’s vertical and then engage the storage latch on the left side rail. You can then roll the treadmill on its wheels to a different spot. This is particularly handy if you only have a small area in your home available to work out. By moving the treadmill out of the way, you can clear space in which to perform other exercises.