Air Vs. Magnetic Rowing Machine

Air Vs. Magnetic Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a stationary, indoor piece of exercise equipment that mimics rowing in a boat on water with an oar. A rowing machine can help a person build endurance, stamina and strength. There are four types of rowing machines available; the air resistance, piston resistance, magnetic resistance and water resistance rowing machine. Out of the four, the air and magnetic rowing machines are the most commonly used.

Air Rowing Machines

An air rowing machine has a flywheel that creates resistance. According to Rowing Machine Reviews, the resistance is increased the faster you pull because the faster you go the faster the blades spin and this creates more resistance. One of the downfalls of an air rowing machine, compared to the magnetic resistance machines, is that it makes a lot of noise.

Magnetic Rowing Machines

A magnetic rowing machine has a flywheel with magnets that adjust to create resistance. According to RBR Fitness, this type of rowing machine uses electromagnets to provide resistance braking and the magnets slow down the main flywheel, making the user work harder to keep the momentum going. Magnetic rowing machines are much quieter than air rowing machines, but this type of rowing machine is significantly larger in size compared to an air rowing machine and can take up a lot of space.