What Can I Do if My Boots Will Not Stay on My Legs?

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You splurged on a trendy pair of boots but after wearing them a few minutes, you notice they slip down and fit poorly on your legs. Whether you have skinny legs or wide calves, you can get a better boot fit -- without returning them to the store. Enjoy wearing your treasured pair of boots with all your favorite outfits.

Put on a pair of thick, long socks and a pair of pants or jeans. Tuck the jeans or pants inside the boots. Smooth out the fabric so it looks even. The extra padding will help boots stay up on skinny legs.

Pull a large elastic band over the toe and heel of the boot. Slide the band up the leg, 2 to 3 inches below the top of the boot. Fold the boot top over the band to hide it.

Peel the adhesive backing from a boot stay. Put the boot stay inside your boot. Slide on the boot and press the stays against your pant leg or socks. Adhesive boots stays stop boots from slouching.


Place rolled towels or folded cardboard in your boots to help maintain their shape. This helps keep boots from slouching when you wear them.