The Best Walking Exercise Videos

Walking is a healthy way for beginners and experienced exercisers to get fit. Using a video can help; however, as there are countless walking exercise videos available, finding the one that best suits your needs is challenging. Finding the right exercise video depends on what you are trying to accomplish.


Walking is a low-impact exercise. The only requirements include comfortable footwear and somewhere to walk. While many people enjoy walking out of doors, the advent of exercise videos makes it convenient to walk indoors as well; especially during inclement weather when you may not be comfortable walking outside.

Fitness Level

If you are new to exercise, you can choose a basic walking exercise program such as Leslie Sansone's "Walk at Home" series, which is recommended by the American Heart Association and which does not requite a treadmill. For those who are intermediate to advanced walkers, you can try The Biggest Loser's "Power Walk" series, which is designed for weight loss.


Staying at home to exercise rather than going to a gym has plenty of benefits; however, going to a gym means another person is available if you encounter problems during your workout. When you are at home exercising, there may be no one around to help you should you injure yourself, or have a serious health event such as a heart attack or stroke. It is recommended you have your doctor's permission before starting an exercise program, and try never to exercise alone, even when you are at home.

Before You Buy

Before you commit to buying a video, you may choose to check out the video from your local library, rent it from your local video rental store, or borrow it from a friend to see if you like it. By checking out an online video exercise provider such as Collage Video, you can read hundreds of reviews on walking videos and view clips to see if the walking program will work for you. Whether you choose to walk indoors on a treadmill, power walk along a sidewalk or hike along rugged terrain, there will be a video to help.

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